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How to get Khaolak

"KHAO LAK" is a long coast area of Takuapa district, Phang Nga province, South of Thailand. Khaolak coast is around 20 km long beaches where seperate to 7 Beach Zones connected to eachother along the Khaolak Main Road (Phetkasem Road: Highway No.4);

Zone 1| Khao Lak Beach (หาดเขาหลัก)
- Thai Royal Navy Base at Thaplamu Pier
- Thaplamu Royal Navy Golf Course by Navy Base
- Sea Turtle Conservation Center by Navy Base
- Ton Pling Waterfall
- Khao Lak View Point & Lam Ru National Park
- Sandy Beach (Haad Lek) by Lam Ru National Park
- Chao Po Khao Lak Shrine
- Police Box
Zone 2: Khao Lak Center | Nang Thong Beach (หาดนางทอง)
- Nangthong Chinese Shrine
- Police Box
Zone 3: Khao Lak Center | Bang Niang Beach (หาดบางเนียง)
- Bang Niang School
- Tsunami Memorial Park (Police Boat Tue 813)
- Khao Lak Meeting Point Tourist Information Center
- Khao Lak Tourist Police Office
- Bang Niang Street Market
- Bang Niang Temple
- Chong Fa Waterfall
- Post Office
- Build Street Market
- Padungtham Pothivas Temple
- Sea Gypsy Village
- Bang Niang Bus Station
- Bang Niang Morning Market
Zone 4 | Khuk Khak Beach (หาดคึกคัก)
- Khuk Khak Chinese Shrine
- Khao Lak Police Station
- Children Library
- Khuk Khak Temple and School
- Khao Lak Health Center
- Khao Lak Goverment Office
- Church
Zone 5 | Laem Pakarang (แหลมปะการัง)
- White Sand Beach & Coconut Beach
Zone 6 | Pakweeb Beach (หาดปากวีป)
- Pak Weeb School
- Sai Rung Waterfall
- Rajjaprachanucroh School
Zone 7 | Bangsak Beach (หาดบางสัก)
- Andaman View Point
- Bangsak Beach Public Park
Different ways to get to Khaolak area from Local bus, Bangkok bus, Train and Airplane;

# LOCAL BUSES: Come from different localtion, You just need to tell bus driver which beach you want to drop. If you come from

>>Phuket; the bus No.430 Phuket-Ranong, bus No.436 Phuket-Takuapa, bus No.465 Phuket-Suratthani and bus No.754 Phuket-Chumpon is passing through Khaolak main road to their destination. Bus leave approximately every hour from 6am until 6pm and take 2 hours around to get to Khaolak area.

>>Phang Nga and Krabi; the Minibus No.444 Ao nang-Krabi town-Phang Nga-Khaolak-Khao Sok come along this way.

>>Suratthani Train & Bus Station; only one line bus No.465 Suratthani-Phuket

>>Ranong; only two line bus No.430 Ranong-Phuket and bus No.754 Chumpon-Phuket

>>Chumpon; only one line bus No.754 Chumpon-Phuket

# BANGKOK BUSES: If you come from Bangkok, you need to get the bus from BUS South Terminal (Sai-Tai) and can take only the buses which come passing Khaolak Main Road way to Phuket. You just tell the ticket booth in bus termimal that you need ticket to drop at KHAOLAK. Mostly over night buses start from 4pm until 9pm the last one and you will get Khaolak area in early morning take around 12 Hours bus journey from Bangkok to Khaolak.

# TRAIN: Khaolak area doesn't has Train station, you need to take the train to Suratthani Train station then you continue with local bus line No.465 Suratthani-Phuket to drop at Khaolak area.

# AIRPLANE: The nearest airport close to Khaolak area is PHUKET INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Khaolak is 63km North of Phuket airport and take around 1hr 20 mins driving by car to Khaolak area.

No Airport shuttle or Buses direct from Phuket airport to Khaolak. If you want to take the local bus lines you need to get from airport out to the Capital Road (Phetkasem Road: Highway No.4) then continue with local buses which start from Phuket to Khaolak (bus No.430 Phuket-Ranong, bus No.436 Phuket-Takuapa, bus No.465 Phuket-Suratthani and bus No.754 Phuket-Chumpon)

For more information of traveling around Khaolak & Surrounding area, bus / train / boat information, free local road map and etc. Please feel free to visit our office at Khaolak Bang Niang Beach area.

KHAOLAK MEETING POINT TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE is located opposite of entrance to TSUNAMI MEMORIAL PARK Police Boat Tue 813, Bang Niang Beach. Just easy to find us!

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